Battery charger lights definitions

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Battery charger lights definitions

Postby BillGorman » Thu Nov 04, 2021 2:07 pm

I received one of the new 5500 battery chargers for the USB battery packs my emitters use. When I plug a battery in, sometimes there is a red LED that flashes and sometimes the red LED is on but is not flashing. The battery pack has an LED that changes colors red, yellow, green but not sure how the two relate. Any insight would be appreciated.
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Re: Battery charger lights definitions

Postby raceamerica » Thu Nov 04, 2021 3:18 pm

The model 5500 Desktop Battery Charger is a binary device when a battery is inserted into one of the charge slots. The corresponding red LED flashes while the battery is charging and stops flashing and is solid red when the battery is fully charged. The corresponding LED is off when no battery is inserted or when the battery is not fully inserted. There is a label on the underside of the charging with a little more detailed explanation.

The USB Battery Pack on the other hand has a multi-colored LED to display how much power is remaining in the battery. As it charges, the LED flashes and changes color. The LED is an approximation of power remaining during charging and when in use. A number of variables effect when different colors are displayed such as charge rate (power going into the internal batteries), draw rate (power coming out of the internal batteries), and approximation of power remaining when the battery pack is not connected to anything and no power is flowing in or out.

The red LED on the model 5500 Desktop Battery Charger is the most accurate reading of when a battery pack is fully charged. There are a total of eight (8) charging circuits inside the Model 5500, all independent of each other to enable charging of one or multiple batteries and not be effected by number of batteries being charged at the same time.
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